Have a cup and sit a spell

I love Halloween, its a holiday that gives us an excuse to be silly, play act being spooky and eat foods we would normally try to avoid. To me that makes it a true holiday, because its a real break from the routine of daily life and a way to have fun with family and friends.

One little known fact however is the tradition of witches brew tea. Witches have been around a very long time, and they of course cycle back to their favorite haunts again and again especially around Halloween.

Inside sources recently revealed that Witches always start out a long night of scaring and spooking with a strong cup of Indian black tea. Nothing would get you through a night full of spooks and goblins like a cup of Assam or English Breakfast.

However, lately it has been reported in some circles around the cauldron pot that the Witches of today are fussy about unnecessary caffeine intake, and find they get on in the dark night hours lovely with a cup of South African Rooibos Chai. It was said that Rooibos Chai keeps them warm while flying at high altitudes.

Of course I will have to take the word of my inside informant as broomstick travel is a experience I have yet to have the opportunity for. Nevertheless I can believe that a hot cup Rooibos Chai with cinnamon bark, cardamon seeds and ginger root would keep this mile high club warm and toasty on a cold Hallows Eve.  You will of course have to try it yourself to believe it, but such age old traditions always have a bit of wisdom.

Enjoy Da Cha Teas Red Rooibos Chai

Happy Halloween



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