Loose Leaf vs Tea Bag ” A battle of misconception”

loose leaf vs tea bagsA Common Misconception:

Loose tea is… loose… and that’s an issue

Perhaps the convenience of the teabag offsets the decreased quality of the tea for some, but I imagine they simply don’t realize the flavor they’re sacrificing. Loose tea is no more difficult to manage than is bag tea. You may have to measure it yourself, and it may take a few tries to find the perfect leaf to water ratio to suit your taste, but it’s not rocket science. The rule of thumb is 1 teaspoon of leaf per 8-ounce cup of water, or a standard mug size. It’s as easy to scoop the leaves into an infuser, strainer or filter in a teapot as it is to drop a teabag into a cup. Many teapots come with fitted infusers, which contain the leaves quite nicely. After steeping, dump the leaves in the trash (or better yet, compost heap) as you would a teabag, and rinse the infuser and put back in the pot. Voila ! No muss, no fuss!

Da Cha Teas - One Cup All in one Infuser

Da Cha Teas – One Cup All in one Infuser

The benefits however are substantial, not only in flavor but also to capture the fullness of nutrients and elements which are sought after in quality loose tea.
Recently a friend of mine simply couldn’t figure out a simple tea brewing method that would allow him to enjoy tea everyday. He admittedly knew that the real flavor, quality and variety is in loose leaf tea, and has enjoyed Da Cha Teas over the years, but by habit for convenience simply would reach for the standard quality tea bags. He said he’d always been a coffee drinker but now really was much more enjoying tea. I asked him “did you ever use a coffee press to make your tea?” I think the heavens parted and he saw the light. Somehow that crossover from using a method once only used for coffee, now was easily available to brew loose leaf tea. Actually their are many methods available for tea brewing. In fact thats part of the fun.

The important thing is that loose leaf can be enjoyed daily at home or even on the road, and with so many infusing methods available you no longer have to settle for bland inferior tea. Dare to be so bold as to choose a method for brewing that suits you. It so important not to miss out on one of life’s true enjoyments.

Happy Tea Drinking- Be Infused

by Da Cha Teas

staff member-Kim


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