Keep that Happy Energy Going

Stock Photo by Sean Locke   The holidays are here!  And yet we have a ways to go. More presents to get, and the giving and receiving of gifts takes a lot of Ho Ho Ho not to mention the specialty foods oh my!  Starting your day with a strong cup of black tea or taking a green tea break during the day just makes just good sense. ( For the long haul that is.)

Here is my best recommendation for keeping the happy energy going all season long.  santa little helper is pooped


Start with Breakfast (tip; A cup of black tea has 1/2 of the caffeine of a cup of coffee, however you have a longer sustained energy rather a quick boost that can leave you flat in a hour.)

paddinton bear and teaTeas on my Holiday list

Organic Two Scotties Royal Earl Grey or…

Organic Two Scotties English Breakfast

Need a Green tea break?   83154603

Organic Jasmine Green or…

Organic Wulu Jade

honey-teaCalming with no caffeine? yes please..

Chocolate Cherry Rooibos

Citrus Chamomile


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